About Julien Ehrhart

Building on 10 years of software development and application architecture with a continuous security mind set, Julien is now a cyber security consultant at Excellium Services. Specialized in application security audit and penetration testing, Julien is also an expert regarding the design and the implementation of authentication and authorization mechanisms, from the application server, to the application framework, for on-premises or cloud deployment.

IT Security

  • Vulnerability reporting and risk assessment
  • Security flaw identification in infrastructure designs
  • OWASP Top Ten awareness
  • Guidelines to achieve a SSDLC

Software architecture

  • Application design & development
  • Specialized in C# .NET and SharePoint (8 years)
  • Development guidance and training
  • Build and deployment workflow (TFS)

Identity management & federation

  • User provisioning and lifecycle management
  • Application federation (WS-Fed, SAML, OpenID Connect)
  • Multifactor authentication (LuxTrust, Azure MFA)
  •  Cloud identities (Azure B2C and B2B

Infrastructure architecture

  • Enterprise directory architecture
  • Authentication proxy (Virtual Identity Server)
  • Disaster recovery strategy
  • Environment consolidation and standardization