A seasoned Privacy and Data Protection legal professional, active in the fascinating world of data protection and privacy law, with over 10-year experience in both public and private sectors within the EU area, he is specialized in guiding GDPR implementation, data protection audits, and all things connected to the EU wide privacy and data protection legal requirements. Florin has joined Excellium as lead legal privacy expert in August 2017.

With a tailored educational background with an LLM in International and European Law (Privacy and Data Protection Law specialization) and a Bachelor in International Law, Florin provides counsel, guidance and leads legal consultancy projects on achieving and maintaining compliance of businesses, processes and practices, with the current privacy-related laws and regulations within the EU and globally, advises on legal mechanisms for the cross-border transfers of personal data from the EU to third countries (BCRs, SCCs for controllers/processors, Privacy Shield) and finally, but not lastly, assists clients achieving legal compliance with Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR), drafting procedures, tools, norms, guidelines and other relevant data privacy documentation on non-compliance and remedial actions.

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