Welcome to Excellium University!

In the world of information systems, security is becoming ever more crucial. Data is getting everywhere: in smartphones, tablets, social media apps, cars, TVs, and who knows what else, in the Internet of Things.
Attackers want to get hold of data for various malicious purposes, and they seek to exploit technical vulnerabilities to achieve this. Using social engineering to exploit human weaknesses is often the easiest way for attacks to begin, by abusing our desire to be helpful, our lack of awareness and understanding, or our inability to remember strong passwords.
Effective defence starts with training: Excellium University is here to help you in partnership with Oxiane.
We offer a range of IT security courses, adapted for a range of needs: from security professionals, to developers, IT professionals and the general public.
Our primary objective is to give people the knowledge they need to improve their approach to security, wherever they operate.